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Shave the Whales!

In a moment, that caused me to chuckle.  I was sitting with my daughter.  Who is now in the I-hate-everything-your-trying-to-do for me stage of her hospital visit.   And doesn’t want to touch, be touched, and don’t even think about moving her.  And, do to her inescapable cuteness is getting all of my attention right now.  And, needless to say, she is so adorable [ love you pumpkin get well! ]

This past week, she has undergone open heart surgery.  And I watch as she struggles and regains strength.  It’s a uphill road, but she is doing great and I don’t fully know what to do.  I’ve realized there are somethings that mothers are just the best at doing certain things.  And, there is no joking right now with her, which is hard, nevertheless.

Every whale is important.

Every whale is important.

But dealing I must.

It’s interesting to be a third wheel right now.  Awkward moments abound.  But I focus,  and it makes things all better knowing I get to love on my daughter.
[ love you every moment pumpkin! ]

During all of this, we put a poster up with all the cousins, aunts and uncles wishing good will, speedy recoveries and expressing a  good sense of love from my family.

And then I saw a typo, a miss-spelling of sorts.

My nephew, who has a sense of humor, and wants to make things a bit lighthearted, attempted to declare,

“Save the whales!”

In all of his attempts at humor, he only added to it.  And, did for once today, make me smile.

I say to you, “Yes my man, shave those whales!”


The Party Duality

How often do you hold your wife’s hand? Not just hold it, but express your love for her through it?

One of the most fascinating moments in a married life, is to hold your spouses hand at a public event. And not, “hold on as I rush to get to the front of the line,” but a moment when the noise is high, you can’t hear any real conversation and you are unable to communicate with her with your voice.

Take the moment at a party to hold her hand

I'm sure there is a butterfly in this picture. You just can't see it.

Then communicate with your hands.

To touch her hand and squeeze,  watching as her smile grows, and her eyes light up, and she tells you she loves you back, has to be one of the most awesomeness of moments, of all time.

How often do you look into her eyes? Not just to ask for forgiveness, but to tell her you love her?

One of the most powerful moments in married life, is to gently hold the face of this wonderful women.  Looking into her eyes, and letting her know how much you love her.

Parties and social events have the amazing potential to create these moments in our lives, to remind each other in a moment, when no other communication is available, that we can tell each other even though there is all these other people, that you, are the most important.