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Insomniacs Parental Guide to Music That Doesn’t Suck

I feel for a moment, that I should start by saying something, like, “Welcome to Insomniacs Parental Guide to Music that doesn’t suck so much.”

And, just for you, the tired, exhausted listener who just put their kids to bed –  Mind you, it is 10PM and it’s a school night – But, you just fought each one, trying to get them to finish dinner.  Then fought there way through a bath, listening to them bawling, that there is “No Soap”, even though it’s sitting right there.

You know… right there… No, right there.  To your left. Your other left.

Then found out, that if they passively ignore you, and pretend you don’t exist, that you will go away…  Umm, yeah, right. You can see through that like it’s Wisconsin Swiss cheese. (Mmm, cheese). So they finish up there pool excursion, and you tell all the kids to get out of the pool and get their PJ’s on.

But,  for a second, you think, “Just 15 minutes.  That will be cool, I could use a 15 minute nap.”

Too which you woke up jolted, bleary eyed seeing that it’s 9PM. And… It’s quiet.

Which makes you panic, to the point of near insanity.  You jump up, run out, and there they are.  All awake, quietly fighting.

What? Quietly fighting?

Arguing which is better, the Suite life of Disney or iNick.  Both being low doses of  crack, I tell ya.  You now fight to get them all into there beds, but unbeknown to you, they were hungry and grabbed the bag of cereal.

And, of course one of them, can’t stand dry cereal so she makes a bowl… which somehow made it’s way into the couch…. What! Nobody did it? Anybody care to explain?

“Doesn’t matter, your all going to bed!”

Except the  youngest who just caught an episode, of, you guessed it, “Scary theater for children between 10-15”,

At Midnight, You can easily be distracted.

So, the fascinating thing about the... Oh Look A Chicken!

He is five, so everything is scaring him. Which requires you to battle the demons of the closet for 20 minutes, at 5 minute intervals.  Until you bring out this raggedy sweater, that you just beaten with a broom.  That’s right! Way to show this sweater who’s the boss, and that you mean business!  Because, dang right!  Your not taking any monster’s crap tonight!

And now that you’ve settled at your computer, to catch the latest in the ever growing world of bloggery,  you here, “STOP it, your bugging me.”


Off to now battle the monsters of a different sort.

“Go. To Bed!”

And, then 5 minutes later, it’s quiet again.  A good quiet, the kind where you hear the crickets, and the floor squeaks, and peace has returned from a land to far away to recall.

And you now sit down. To try again, and figure out what the blogosphere is talking about, but you forgot what you were doing.

Wait, what were we talking about again?  The head bobbing, sleep deprived, and yearning for the soft goodness of a pillow…

And now, for your reading pleasure,  here is the Insomniacs Parental Guide review to Keri Hilson’s “Knock You Down” with very special guests Kanye West and Ne-Yo.

All I can say is, thank you Kanye, for that excellent performance.  Because, we all hate having “hate” served on a platter.  It won’t be dessert, but probably a disaster.

Commander and Chief of my Pimps, flying high? Wonder how much that pays?

Okay, what?  She shot the bullet? The pimp in me just died tonight?

Yes, Ne-Yo, it did take a little of my life, from me tonight,  I won’t get these moments back.  Maybe with my luck, I will be so tired, that I will forget this even happened.

Maybe, if I get knocked down, then I will get  back up, which knocked me down. Because Love comes around, which knocks me down, I could buy the Clapper.  Well Keri, that’s a love, that keeps on rockin’!


This review of Keri Hilson “Knocks You Down,” was brought to you by the letter L. For the rockin’ roller coaster of Love.


Shave the Whales!

In a moment, that caused me to chuckle.  I was sitting with my daughter.  Who is now in the I-hate-everything-your-trying-to-do for me stage of her hospital visit.   And doesn’t want to touch, be touched, and don’t even think about moving her.  And, do to her inescapable cuteness is getting all of my attention right now.  And, needless to say, she is so adorable [ love you pumpkin get well! ]

This past week, she has undergone open heart surgery.  And I watch as she struggles and regains strength.  It’s a uphill road, but she is doing great and I don’t fully know what to do.  I’ve realized there are somethings that mothers are just the best at doing certain things.  And, there is no joking right now with her, which is hard, nevertheless.

Every whale is important.

Every whale is important.

But dealing I must.

It’s interesting to be a third wheel right now.  Awkward moments abound.  But I focus,  and it makes things all better knowing I get to love on my daughter.
[ love you every moment pumpkin! ]

During all of this, we put a poster up with all the cousins, aunts and uncles wishing good will, speedy recoveries and expressing a  good sense of love from my family.

And then I saw a typo, a miss-spelling of sorts.

My nephew, who has a sense of humor, and wants to make things a bit lighthearted, attempted to declare,

“Save the whales!”

In all of his attempts at humor, he only added to it.  And, did for once today, make me smile.

I say to you, “Yes my man, shave those whales!”

Ewww! Yuck! Get it Off! Get it Off!

… What is this I’m feeling?

Is it guilt… No, that would feel like I got kicked.

Is it…

I just don’t know? It’s almost like… NO!!!!!!!   [ What is this panic I feel? ]

Coodies! Doesn't he know? Doesn't he care?

Coodies! Doesn't he know? Doesn't he care?

Now I’m panicky.  And it’s weird.  Now I’m getting this tingly sensation.. I wonder if it’s a heart attack?  Left arm isn’t tingly.  Hmm… Can’t be that.

What is it? What is it?

Now I can’t breath, is this right? Hold on a sec, I’m going to check my pulse.

Okay, very weird, it’s fast and then slows down when I feel comfort.  But fast when it’s all anxiety.

I think I remember this feeling.

Where did I feel this?