Two steps forward, one step back

… unless your in a boat… Then forward is any direction that you’re moving in.  Boats don’t really go in backwards unless you take a lot of effort to slow it down.  Then you have to be willing to row backwards..

It's all forward in a boat.

See! Moving forward is easy, right?

Not for me, it’s easier to be moving forward. Just keep moving the paddle and lean into it.

But today, I’m not in a boat. I’m still working to make it so I’m not sick.   Sleeping, with Tylenol PM being my friend.  It’s also a odd day today, in that Pumpkin is going in for heart surgery, and I laid in bed, struggling to hold in my emotions as I couldn’t see her off to the surgery room.  This was the big one.  The one that would define the rest of her life, and here I am, laying in bed.

Flu is evil.

The beauty is that I didn’t worry about pacing back and forth.  Tossing and turning isn’t pacing, right?

Now she has to deal with having to take a step back, and heal for 10 days, and return to normal school life in a month.

To which I hope that she has many more steps forward. Unless you want to take that boat, then it’s all forward from here.

~Love Dad


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