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Tell me again what this glowing thing is?

“Dad? How come they don’t have toy ovens for boys?”

I’ve been actively cooking and playing the next Top Chief of my home for the past many months. Let me reminisce for a second…

“It’s been awesome ride! I had such strong competition,  the challenges where excellent.  But, you all know who rocks the kitchen without his socks on?”

That’s right, it’s me! [ I’m doing my victory dance again. ]

And as I was blissfully recalling each and every win, and rubbing it in and trash talking Mario and Bobby…

“Dad?! Why don’t they have toy ovens for boys?”

Give me a second, I’m reminiscing, and your daddy is winning.

“Come on, Dad! Rocky was never a chef.  And your looking silly!”

Oooh pretty lights

Oooh pretty lights

Okay, now I’m panting, and after getting my mind to function again, I thought about this.  Why isn’t there a toy oven for boys? So, I pondered the answer to this and in all my Dad glory, I said:

“Son,  we don’t need no stinkin’ toys.  We have a kitchen, and it’s just behind you.”

And then I started thinking about these ovens.  What’s the fun in cooking and not doing it with someone?  Plus, children still need parental guidance, why not make it the real way? And, I get to teach him how to make a real cake, and not just one that only he gets to enjoy.

Kitchen’s are a wonderful place to socialize with your family.  You get to create something that not only they will like, but they get to see everyone enjoying what you made.  I get to laugh with my kids, and invent new pancakes.

Mmmm, blueberry white chocolate pancakes! Best creation ever!

Having this moments with my kids, will be the moments that shows them, I love them, and that I want to share with them all the good things in this life.

Did I mention that blueberry white chocolate pancakes rock?

What’s that I hear?

It maybe just me, but I think they are calling for me now.