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A Culminating Life Has Moved

I’ve decided that I wanted much more out of my site.  I originally was testing out wordpress and it’s functionality to determine what direction I wanted to go in.  It turns out, that I really enjoyed it, and got some good feedback.  I originally created a site last year, and I let it go do to changes in my life… now some squatter has taken it over, so there is a slight change in the name.

So now, I’ve moved to a new website. Please head on over to

It’s way cooler over there.

Thanks,  Travis


The Anemone Postulate

As I stared into the deep blue aquarium, I got lost.  So, hold on a second,  as I reminisce…

My child-like nature kicked in. And I followed the fish around. Not noticing anyone around me, I…

“Sir! Please, stop touching the glass?!”

Who’s the cute little fishy, fish.  Who’s the cute little clown fish.  Yes, you are.  Yes you are…

“Sir! If I have to ask you again…”

I’m finding the walk to be pleasant.  I haven’t put that much effort to get to the other side of the building in a long time.  This walk, I was hoping would be, the last time.  For a long time.

I couldn’t do it again.

The nights were long, tiring, and heartbreaking.   Hearing all the beeps.  It started out as a musical presence, but overtime it turned into a constant reminder of the situation, causing lots of tossing and turning of sleeplessness.

And somewhere during all that time, I had a conversation with Abraham Lincoln, a beaver who couldn’t stop cheating if his life depended on it, and some guy in a space suit.  But, that’s another story.

It's only painful if you... Ouch! Now you tell me!

It's only painful if you...

And just like the military someone came and woke you up at 5am.  To go stand out in the hallway until they were done.  Half tired, hair, I’m sure,  looking like Jack Nicholson on his worse days.  Then, they leave and I would then go lay back down, and doze off for an hour or so.

Waking up to a jolt. Looking at the time, grabbing everything, and in a brief moment kiss my adorable daughter.  Looking at her for a second, and thinking how wonderful she is, I then moved quickly.  Then out of nowhere, there was that aquarium again, so I had to…

“Sir, again, if you don’t stop tapping that glass…!”

Oops, got to go, she appears to be picking up a phone, and pointing at me.

Out into a much more brisk late September morning.   But, before all this happened, and at the last minute before I left, she yells out,


She puts her hand to her mouth and blew me a kiss, and told me she loved me. I capture it, put it to my cheek, and blew one back.

And, I’m back on that walk.  Down long corridors. People moving briskly as they come in for work.  But I don’t notice them.  I walk out the doors, and feel the cold rush of air on my face.

Peew! That’s some quality air.

Odd, it doesn’t feel as cold as I thought it would, and is that a sun I see?