That 5k run is looking way easier

You just finished running that 5k marathon. You conquered a feat that you told everyone that you wanted to do. You stumbled a few times, but you got up and became stronger and more agile.

Yeah, I know I can’t do a 5k in my dreams, mind you.  And thinking about one right now cause’s hives.  But hear me out.


Awww! Aren't you just adorable.

So you just finished this 5k run. You spent day-after-day of practicing and preparing to run like you were running in Ancient Rome.  Not minus the clothes, because we all know that running in Ancient Rome, was a sure fire way to remind yourself that you have one too many pounds sitting in all the wrong places.

But you practiced.  Each day, you got up and stressed those important muscles.  Ran in circles for about an hour and then worked 8 hours a day. All before 8AM! Impressive!  Okay, the last part isn’t true, but you felt like it.

And then something happened… You had this new feeling… It hurt… And it hurt A LOT!
[ This is where we sympathize with your plight ]

You tried again the next day, and this time, it still HURT A LOT – Really I’m not forcing you to do this, you can stop anytime. I’m not the devil, I can’t convince you to do anything.

But! Something does happen after you notice that it hurts less.

After all the pain, the tears, and after the whining subsided and your muscles all of sudden started responding to your every whim, You, yes you! Felt like you were on top of the world.  Your happier, people are patting you on the back, your winning awards, and friends have popped up out of the woodwork.

It could be true!

And each day after that, you felt better, hurt less, and started to save homeless kitties – and that adorable puppy you named Chuck.

The best and most exciting thing about this, besides your new-found friends, is that you are happier.

You have conquered the 5k.  You know how it feels to win.  You knew what it took to get there.  And, you practiced.

Have you ever wondered how some couples make their marriage look easy? Saying to yourself,

“Self, I wish I could make my relationship work as well as theirs! What’s wrong with me? Why am I not as lucky?”

Well nothing is wrong with you,  and I will pretend that you weren’t harsh with yourself, cause, nobody likes haters.

But, just like that 5k run that you just conquered,  you needed to practice.   Your too hard on yourself and need to do what you did to win the 5k.  Wake up every morning committing to stretch those muscles, that you call your marriage.  Or, at least start drinking more water.

Cause, You know it’s good for you.

And, remember, it wasn’t until you won that marathon that you started helping the puppies, and that adorable little kitty named Mr.  Peppers, III.

And really?! How can you say no to helping kitties?  Won’t you think of the kitties?


2 comments so far

  1. Nadezhda Konovalova on

    Ah, that was fun and unexpected! 😀

    • Travis on

      HI there again! Thanks for coming back, and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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