Once a upon a time… You were a plane

When was the last time you sat in a swing?  Started to rock it back and forth, causing the wind to blow in your hair?  What’s that you say?  You did this last week? Well, then move along this isn’t for you.

To be free!

Weee! I'm a plane! I'm a plane!

The Chinese has an expression about Monkey’s swinging on vines.  But, since this expression talks about your thoughts jumping from one subject to another, and is related to sleep, I won’t be talking about it.

Even though I feel I could use some enlightenment on sleep, and why I don’t get any of it.

But what I was thinking about was the pure bliss that we get, when we sit down, kick our feet into the air and put a great deal of effort to get ourselves up into the air.  Just as you begin to realize that the wallet in your back pocket is hurting.

After resolving that minor issue, we are off and swinging again.  Pushing back and forth, letting the wind blow in your hair, and you start to make plane sounds.


Yeah, the stress is leaving, you no longer think about the project that looks to be overdue.  You stop thinking about the budgets, the car payment, nor the roof that inexplicably started to leak just a month ago.

And just as you get that rhythm, and your eyes begin to close, you hear…


You ignore it, pretending this child must have you mistaken for a parent, and not a Airline Captain.

“DAAAADDDD!!!  She won’t let me swing!!!!!”

Your brain kicks back in, you begin your descent as you attempt to land back into reality.  Sliding into the sand, maybe tripping up the wheels and landing uncomfortably.

You get your thoughts organized as you gently look upon the quarrel. And, you give up your seat to that flight.   Giving your little one the opportunity of getting to go on this ride, and allowing you to give up the captain’s seat for the opportunity to be the engine.


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