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The Good Guy Paradox

I’m baffled.

I really am.

I didn’t realize this until recently, but I’m learning that good guys are hard to come by.  I see guys are good, by men’s standards, but that we don’t reach a standard that women want. And, even if you do meet that standard, they are confused, baffled, and frustrated by it, while continually asking, “What the heck? Guys don’t act like that!”

And here is my dilemma.  This creates a problem for the ones that want to be everything they can be.

Never be to far away from the one you love.

Never be too far away from the one you love.

As guys, we have to ask, what do we want from a relationship. To be adored? Cherished? Loved?  These are grand things, that we would never receive if we don’t grasp the idea, that we can only have, what we are willing to do, for the other person.

And, in general, we don’t.

We don’t do those things that reminds girls and women, that guys can have a very equal placement in the relationship.  For those couples where the guy works, brings home money, stashes it away (Maybe pays the mortgage), then forces the spouse to work (As she has to do her part), to pay for food, day care, and all the other elements of their children’s lives, making it seem like this is normal. Is just plain wrong, and stupid.

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Apples, Newton’s Laws and divorce

It took Sir Isaac Newton two decades to fully formulate the theory of gravitation. But, it started with a single action.  This action was a drop of an apple that he witnessed.  He pondered over this and wondered how far the gravitation would apply.  Would the moon be affected, and retain it’s orbit by this same gravitation?  Over the next two decades he constructed the theory of gravity and created Newton’s first law based on these thoughts.

The Fruit's of our labors

What?! Someone took a bite?

The theory wasn’t about whether it existed but whether it reached out to the moon, and was the force that held it’s orbit.

So I pondered this in relationship to divorce.

What is it that keeps marriages in orbit?  What is the central force that allows the fruit, that is joy, be created from the tree that gives it so freely.

Love, service and a passion for the marriage are the gravitational force that will keep the marriage bound together.  With the absense of one of these,  the others will maintain.

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